Tuesday, August 30, 2016

July 8, 2016: Bees as Political Activists


I went out to do one final thing with the hive that was so angry the other day--a simple small thing that I couldn't do then because they were so pissed off. And I got stung again, twice. They were instantly enraged, and for the next few hours chased me around the yard when I was on the opposite side of the property.

And along came candidate-for-State-Rep and childhood friend Eric Nakajima, canvassing the neighborhood. My bees promptly chased him up the street and stung him on the back. I feel like my kids misbehaved in a deplorable way in public.

But Eric is a thoughtful and noble soul, and after catching his breath he said the bees were "so exciting!" and "so interesting!" which was the most gracious possible reaction.

Not to press a metaphor, but this hive is acting up because they've got a new young queen that is kind of...ill-tempered. I'll have to replace her with a new queen, and once I do that the hive will probably settle down and live more harmoniously. Eric would make a good queen bee: he is thoughtful, community-minded, gracious, and hardworking. The hive will work well with him as an elected leader.

If you live in my neck of the woods and you haven't made up your mind (there are a lot of good candidates out there), I hope you'll consider voting for Eric.

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